Commissioner's Message

Dear Teachers and Principals,

Given the Positive Feedback received from the Jawahar Navodaya vidyalayas all over the country about the Perspective Academic Planning 2012, I am extremely pleased to dedicate yet another Edition of Perspective Academic Planning to all JNVs of the country for the Academic Year 2013-14.

All those who seek to improve their productivity, discover the importance of planning in time management. Without goals, we become drifters, aimlessly going about our work, which causes a lot of unnecessary stress and worry. Not to mention the natural loss of time and effectiveness. This book serves as just the tool, a motivator, a constant reminder, a source of inspiration, a gentle pointer and pusher that prevents us from becoming drifters and keeps us going towards our goals. Proper planning enables us to facilitate goals achievement, to facilitate assessment, to reduce risks and loss to make good decisions, to carry out job division, to determine opportunities and threats, continually assess and reflect upon our academic and career goals, know important academic dates and deadlines and get involved in extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities.

Of course, we have admirable leaders in the form of our Principals, who are extremely approachable and will be ready to help out with any problems faced by the teachers, who are the ultimate field workers. This book, I hope once again serves as a proper guide in helping us achieve our goals so that Navodayas continue to be trend setters in the field of secondary education across the country.

Wishing you all the best for the oncoming academic year!

G. S. Bothyal

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